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Patras, joyful and extroverted, a city with inexhaustible joy, seems to live in the rhythm of the Carnival all year round.

You can feel the energy on every corner, at dozens of youthful hangouts and restaurants, in the beautiful old town and the castle made by Justinian.

At the multipurpose venues, the squares, the pedestrian streets for endless walks, but also the busy harbor which is a passage to Italy. This city of Peloponnese, with the Mediterranean temperament, will certainly surprise you.


Achaia: an ideal place for activities in the nature.

A place gifted by nature with mountains, canyons, rivers, lakes and beaches, offers a lot of options and activities to nature lovers. Horseback riding, trekking, sailing, canoe-kayak are some of the activities that you can enjoy in the mountains and rivers, such as the Erymanthos River, as well as hiking and paddling in the lakes of Tsivlou and Ladona, two water oases among magical fir forests.